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Manor Farm/Office/Quarry/Invoice address

G B Foot Ltd, The Farm Office, Manor Farm, Monk Sherborne, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5HW     Map

Phone-01256 850880     Fax-01256 855824        
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Public Weighbridge

Public Weighbridge, Manor Farm, Monk Sherborne, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5HW     Map

Phone/Fax- 01256 889265

(Please note that Planning conditions require all Quarry HGV traffic to access the quarry from the south via the A339 Newbury road/Shothanger Crossroads junction)


Vyne Farm/Vyne Farm Workshop

G B Foot Ltd, The Workshop, Vyne Farm, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 9HL

Phone- 07721410986     Map    Email

(Please note that the preferred route for HGV's is from the A340 via Morgaston Road. Avoid coming via Sherborne St John village centre if a HGV/LGV) See here


Vyne Lodge Farm

Vyne Lodge Farm, Vyne Road, Bramley, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5DX.   Map   


  1. G B Foot DO NOT arrange for deliveries/collections for ourselves at this address - No agricutural deliveries or collections happen here.
  2. Although maps show a connection through to Cufaude Lane, this is not a public right of way and is always blocked.
  3. All access is from Vyne Road.


Mobile Contact numbers/Email addresses

Mike Dalgarno 07785931641 Email      Mike Filson 07771644017 Email    

Peter Todd 07721410986 Email