We currently work in partnership with several local landowners to manage/run their arable assets, or just operate on a contract basis only.

We carryout some contract spraying with our Bateman RB26 self propelled machine and are also members of Thames & Kennet Machinery Ring.

We are able to Clean and store grain with our Law-Dennis SCN dryer if required.



We produce and supply Agricultural Lime throughout the summer whilst storing a limited amount undercover for winter use. We hire out two trailed lime spreaders on a per tonnage rate for those local customers who wish to spread their own or we can arrange for a spreading contractor to carry it out for them.

A by-product of the Quarry is hand picked flint suitable for knapping and seconds off of the screener, which contains mostly small sized flint with some chalk content making an ideal base. It can also be a good infill around buildings where rat burrowing is a problem, the small sharp flints and chalk seem to be too much for them!
Please contact us for details of what is currently available.

We have two 10t tandem axle dump trailers available for hire.



The landfill site is licensed to take only inert materials and is currently closed until the final section of quarrying is completed


Public Weighbridge

The Quarry operates a Licensed 50 Tonne Public Weighbridge, tested regularly by Trading Standards and used by the local enforcement agencies.

Opening times are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Direct Phone/fax 01256 889265